Monday, November 19, 2012

16. The After Wife

The After WifeThe After Wife by Gigi Levangie Grazer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I held off and held off on reading this book. I wanted to read "The Starter Wife" first - b/c I thought the two were related. They really aren't. I've also never seen the tv show.

I hate that I held off on reading it - b/c once I gave in and read it...I loved it!

It is the story of, Hannah Marsh, a reality television show producer who finds her world altered when her husband dies suddenly. Left to pick up the pieces and raise her daughter, her hilarious friends rally around her for support. While she tries to hold on to her life, her job, and her sanity, she questions (out loud) why this is happening to her. She actually gets an answer and a whole new world and insight into life after death opens up to her.

I was a little wary about this book - I did NOT want a sad read...but I was very supprised at how funny and lighthearted the read was. I LOVE the play on the title with the after life. Pretty clever.

Another intersting point...the husband was a stay at home don't see too much of that. I realy like that twist...but it's what's became a trial for Hannah. She had never had to stay home with her daughter - she was the one with the career.

This book definetly is on my top reads AND I enjoy books that make me want to go buy more titles from the same author.

Can't wait to read her other novels.

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